Prop Disappears!

Hello. I have no idea how to make a prop_static work as a button, so I put a prop_static and made its model the combine button. I then put a small brush right in front of it set to nodraw that was a func_button. This was to make the player feel as if they are pushing the button, even though it is a prop static. Anyway, the prop is not there! Is there anyway to fix this is more a prop a button too?

Wrong prop type.

Make it a prop_dynamic.

Thank you good sir. Is there anyway to make prop buttons?

No, the method you described in the OP is the only method.

If you would like to save some resources (prop_dynamic is a bit expensive), you can recompile the prop with $staticprop.

However, if you wish to make the button look realistic with button animations, then prop_dynamic is the way to go. And i advise you learn how to use prop_dynamics for buttons.