Prop doesn't show up in Hammer, but spawns ingame

As title says then I’ve got this annoying prop that doesn’t show up anywhere in Hammer, but spawns ingame.

How do I get rid of it?

What game is it for? Is this door something special, like exit of the level? Probably the simplest solution, get coords of the exit sign, and find similar coords for the window pane model in the vmf. It has to be in the vmf if it shows after compile. If your fgd doesn’t list it, might not show in hammer. Is this an original map of yours or a decompile of one?

It’s for TF2C, and the door doesn’t lead anywhere.

I don’t understand what you mean by finding the coords, as it’s my first map on Source and in many years.

This is my Hammer, showing the location of the problem:

The window that’s causing the problem was a prop_physics_multiplayer that I tried turning into a func_breakable. It turned into a blue orb, and vanished.

Change your func_breakable back to the prop_physics_multiplayer, then delete the prop_physics_multiplayer.

The coords I am talking about are the x,y,z that would be evident in your vmf map file. The vmf file is just a text file, and sometimes easier to remove trouble entities that way instead of visually in hammer.

In the early days of hammer (worldcraft times), editing the map file via text was more common place I guess.

For future reference, what you effectively did when you changed your prop_physics to a func_breakable, is you took a point-entity and changed it into a brush-entity. The brush entity will reference world geometry, and not a model, which is what the point entity does.

	"id" "7341"
	"classname" "prop_static"
	"angles" "0 180 0"
	"disableselfshadowing" "0"
	"disableshadows" "0"
	"disablevertexlighting" "0"
	"fademaxdist" "0"
	"fademindist" "-1"
	"fadescale" "1"
	"generatelightmaps" "0"
	"ignorenormals" "0"
	"lightmapresolutionx" "32"
	"lightmapresolutiony" "32"
	"maxdxlevel" "0"
	"mindxlevel" "0"
	"model" "models/props_forest/windowframe001.mdl"
	"origin" "-372 248 816"
	"screenspacefade" "0"
	"skin" "0"
	"solid" "6"
	"origin" "-372 248 816"
		"color" "255 255 0"
		"visgroupshown" "1"
		"visgroupautoshown" "1"
		"logicalpos" "[0 -12268]"

Found it in the .vmf and deleted it, now it’s not ingame. Thanks a ton!

No problem, glad it helped.