prop error with css

i need to know what i am doing wrong i recently installed css and went to play a css map on gmod yet the props were errors and when i picked up i gun it was also a error. Also i can see the gun fine when it is on the ground. Any help would be much appreciated.

if this is in wrong section sry.

Can you link to your Steam profile?

Do you start the game (i lose) with console enabled? Ie. Does a big box with text appear in the menu?

You need to go on the gmod main menu, and enable the content from Counter-Strike:Source if you didn’t do that yet.
If still doesn’t work, make a backup of your addon folder, and reinstall gmod. Then just put back in the most important addons you need, 'cause it might be a problem of any of the addons.

Make sure you have run CS:S at least once.