Prop 'hovers' above its physics model

Okay, so I made a simple key in Blender and exported it using the exporter in Dvondrake’s topic. (Not the one capable of flexes, the other one)

It was apparently exported correctly, but when I compiled it and checked it out in-game, the physics mesh was not overlapping the key as it should’ve been. Instead it was under the actual model. Flipping the model upside down would make it appear to be underground, while the physbox still was above ground.

Anyone know what I did wrong, or is it a problem with the tools I used?

Use the reference mesh as the collision mesh if its a static prop, then you avoid these problems. Just sounds like the collision model isn’t lined up with the reference model correctly, happens sometimes (which is why I don’t make separate ones, that and its quicker and easier and the hboxes are then correct).

Would I be flipping static models upside-down in-game? :smiley: It’s a physics model, and i think with the >90 polys it’d be quite an expensive collision model… And I’m pretty sure they line up. At least they line up in Blender! (I exported them both from the same .blend-file)

By static I mean not a ragdoll, i’m a modeller not a mapper ¬.¬

And i’ve never had any issues using the reference model as the collision model.

Also no idea why they don’t line up if they do in Blender (other than Blender doesn’t export things right all the time unless you select the exact right parts in the right place from what i’ve read in the other thread).

I just realized that I most likely need so match the origins of the objects in blender. gonna try that now.

What you hadn’t? O.o I thought by what you said you had, otherwise I would have said to.

Heh. I’m not exactly a master modeller… Well, anyway, at least the offsets in Blender seemed to match. I’m pretty sure this’ll work out.

If it doesn’t, o_O

If it doesn’t, then compile it with $staticprop in the qc.

I already did. And I was correct, I had to align the origins. Dumb of me to realize only after three recompiles :smiley:

Your origins aren’t alligned.

Read the post just above yours, where he states that he aligned the origins and it worked.

I was just gonna say the same, Myst. :slight_smile: