[Prop Hunt] Custom taunts not working

I’m running a small server for myself and a handful of friends and recently decided to put some effort into it to make it better.

After not being able to find addons/plugins/whatever for prop hunt, I stumbled across Mechanical Mind’s version of prop hunt, prop hunters. I tried running that by itself after modifying the appropriate server files, and found that it couldn’t run on its own. So I installed it over the normal version of prop hunt, and all was well.

One of the players brought up custom taunts and I’ve since been trying to get them to work, although very little progress has been made.

So, for those of you that aren’t familiar with prop hunters, the taunts are defined in a lua file (which I’m 90% certain I’ve setup correctly). Most of the sounds files are .wav, a handful are .mp3. Most of them were working before I installed prop hunters, and now even the stock taunts aren’t working. When in game and attempting to taunt via the taunt menu, all the sounds say their length is either 0s or 60s. The server isn’t showing an errors when attempting to play a taunt.

I also couldn’t find consistent requirements for the sound files, so any insight into that would be helpful.

Should you guys require any additional information, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Post the code.

Here’s a link to the pastebin for the code. It’s rather long, so I’d imagine that posting it directly into a reply would be a little annoying

Iirc, you shouldn’t put the full path starting from C:/. Start with sound/

Will attempt, I’ll report back after testing. I’ll have to move the taunt locations first.

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Taunts are still not playing. The server also seemed to lose the ability to change team some where along the way.

Any console errors about missing sounds when you play a taunt?


If the sound is invalid, it should say “Missing sound: (soundname)” in console.

It’s not giving any errors

I got it to read in the taunts now, but it seems that some aren’t working. The ones that aren’t working were produced with exactly the same settings as some of the ones that are working. I’ve double check the file that tells the server where to find the audio clips, and there’s no errors.

Are you sure? Some are wav files others are mp3 files. Maybe the wav ones work or vice versa.

Although there is a mix of mp3 and wav, all of the mp3 files work. But not all of the wav files will work.

For example, there will be a taunt that is a wav, and the game says it has a length of 0s and will not play. There is another wav file, the game says it has a length of 2.7s (which is correct), but it will not play. And lastly, one more wav file, the game says has a length of 4.6s, and does play.

All three were exported out of audacity with the same setting.