Prop Hunt Players Can't Hear Custom Taunts

Hey guys,

So I have just started a Prop Hunt server! When people join the download all of the taunts, but when they get in the game, they can’t hear the taunts!

Can anyone help with this?

Also, on a side note, people can also hear random background noises, like bells ringing, or water flowing. Can this be stopped?


Make sure your FastDL work perfectly, as they might not be fully downloading.

Also for background noises (AKA soundscapes), you can’t stop them. (Unless I’m wrong and there is a stopsoundscapes command)

My Fastdl has been synced, yet people still can’t hear taunts, but I can…

And they’re random swamp sounds… on cs_office! That doesn’t seem right. I’ll keep digging though.

Oh, some people can get all of the taunts, but others can’t…

Go free to rate this as dumb if this is wrong but I might have an idea that might help you out. I have heard that fastDL sometimes does not fetch files and that it rarely works so I would try just for the sound parts to use:

resource.AddFile ( "dir here" )

I know this can be a slow download but this should mean that players will download the content as long as the addon is coded well and that you have the paths right. I may be wrong but I thought it can’t hurt and might help. If you have never used resource.add codes then what you do is you create a script under:

lua/autorun/server/(whatever you want to name the script).lua

The you would put it in a format sorta like this:

if (SERVER) then
resource.AddFile ( "file directory without the root locations like addons/blahblahblah" )

This was not very well said for how to use resource.addfile so if you need to know about how to I would just look up how to and keep this stuff in mind to fix mistakes.