Prop hunt - Prop is dropping corpse on suicide/playermodel hull on flashlight

Hello guys. I’m having some troubles on prop hunt
1º - If prop suicide. His player model fall on the ground (like a normal kill)
2º - If I point the flashlight to a prop position. His playermodel shadow appears

Anyone knows a way to fix this 2 problems?

Take a look at this:


Set it to false for props when they spawn, set to true for players when they spawn.

You know anyway to don’t spawn playermodels when die?

DoPlayerDeath hook

I fixed the problem of suicide ragdoll spawning, and the player shadow. But now I’m having a problem:
A shadows arrow is appearing when player point his flashlight to the “human prop”. This “arrow” seems to follow “human prop” view direction. Tried to use ply:DrawShadow(false). But the “arrow” still be drawing. Anyone know a way to fix?

It seems that this “arrow” only appears when I use Player:SetPlayerColor()

Nicksf13, did you ever find a remedy for this? Or does anyone know a fix? I’m suffering the exact same fate right now on my server. :confused: