Prop-Hunt: Randomly Generated Props Concept

Hello hello, today is gonna be a special one because I managed to get something working that I intend for use within Prop-Hunt.

Introducing: Randomly Generated Props!
Wow… that’s surprising.

What does it do?
On each map spawn (or respawn), the props are randomly placed based on the maps prop placement,
there are 3 sets of props each named accordinately in a group in this map I have created.

Show us it working in-game
Here’s a few GIF images of them randomly placed based on the map’s randomized logic.




Obviously there will be a load more props in proper maps for prop hunting.

How can I replicate this for my own prop-hunt maps?
It’s quite easy, you need:

  • logic auto
  • case logic
  • logic relays (how many depends on prop sets)

basically have the auto logic on map spawn pick a random OnCase and have the case logic (based on which case) trigger one of the relays,
upon triggering a relay, kill all but 1 of the prop sets. (so relay_props_1 should kill prop sets 2 and 3)

if a prop has physics, it’s wise to have their motion disabled (or asleep) and enabled on logic trigger to prevent overlapping.

Hopefully you find this concept interesting and you can use this in your own prop-hunt maps!

EDIT: Instead of logic relays, use point templates instead as they work better


That is awesome. No more tryharders in prop hunt haha!

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This will surely be helpfull for the prophunt gamemode :))

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You could also use a point_template to possibly cut back on the overhead of creating all those props at map initialization just to kill them. Then again, I do not know much regarding the internal working of point_template which may possibly do the same thing.

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I love it.

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You can also easily set up separate logic_cases for each room instead of being limited to one logic_relay to change every room at once, I (stupidly) used to do this for playing random sounds with the PickRandomShuffle input back in Source maps, before I figured out creating my own soundscapes.

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This is already possible in Source 1, and I’m sure some prophunt maps do this already.

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This is really neat! Good job on this :smiley:

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