Prop Hunt Scoreboard

There are all of these sexy scoreboards for TTT but I have yet to see someone make one for Prop Hunt. Anyone have any they have made? Anyone know how to make scoreboards?

Phoenixf129 has a custom one with his PHv2 on Coderhire but that’s about it

Maybe it’s because the scoreboard is the default Fretta scoreboard and no one really works with it anymore, which is a shame 'cuz it’s pretty ugly

If you need help with super basic stuff, i.e changing the colours of the bar at the top or adding ranks/pointshop points to it, then I can help but that’s about it

I just would love to have some nice and simple and maybe like flat design?

Make one? Show us what you’ve coded so far and we can help push you in the right direction.

Some of the things you can do with a simple skin, others you may have to change some Paint functions around.

I haven’t coded one, not very good at lua except for some minor things and being able to fix some stuff when it breaks.

I can easy mock something up in PS

I’m more of a web dev :confused: