Prop Hunt Taunt Menu

Hey there,

This is a quick one, but does anyone have a simple taunt menu that I could use for a new server?

Following on from this, does anyone also have any code for allocating a certain amount of points for the pointshop to be given for each taunt played as a prop?

THANK! This is a big ask I know, but thank you to anyone who helps in advance.

Are you asking here, every-time the user taunts, they get Pointshop points?

Yes, but only for Props.

So basically if the taunt were “FCK HER RIGHT IN THE PSSY” then they’d get about 2 points, whereas if it were the first verse of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap then they’d get 20 points.
Basically the points given is determined by the length of the taunt.

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Ok, so this post got listed as dumb… well then…

[lua]local pointmult = 4
local pspoints = math.ceil(SoundDuration(“sound/taunting/freshprinceofbelair.wav”) * pointmult)

I’m out right now so I’ll try this out when I get home, then I’ll make a comment about how you’re the greatest human being alive