Prop Hunt Taunts | Make taunt only useable once

So we have a taunt menu and in the taunt menu (and in our random taunts) is an infinite taunt.
Anyone know of a way to make it so that a specific taunt can only be used once? Or maybe make it so that that a specfic sound has a really long cool down time?

I will share my taunt menu code if need be but only if someone really is certain that they can figure this out.

Thank you!

I’m not sure how you have it coded, but if it’s part of this:
PlayerShouldTaunt( ply, actid )

which is when someone types act x in console, then it can be limited there.

By default for Prop Hunt for the random taunts its already attached to pressing F3
There is an sh_config file where you list the specific taunts with the file name/path:

What exactly is the function/code that handles taunting

'cuz you could set the taunt limit to 0 on round start, add one when you taunt and then say if the number is 1 or more, disallow it again

Or you could just have a variable that adds one to itself every time a player uses a taunt, and if it is one, return false for taunting. The variable can just be reset when a round starts. That’s assuming that your Prop Hunt gamemode doesn’t already have PlayerShouldTaunt or something like that.

Standard prop hunt way of taunting nothing special. The taunt menu is totally separate from the gamemode (its an addon)

Then just use what I said before.