Prop Hunt! (The OLD one) (This might be a request?)

Prop Hunt
Anyone remember the old Prop Hunt? Does it still exist?
Could it be brought back to life in this gmod version?

Last time I was on a Prop Hunt server it was something completely different from what it used to be. Prop Hunt was before a gamemode were the props were the hunters.
I remember it being very popular, and a really hilarious gamemode, since mostly all kills consisted of fleeing from things like outrageous containers, cars and pissed off couches and microwaves!

It was a really long time since I played the old version, but I remember a few key features the gamemode had.

Basically, it consisted of two teams. Props and Humans. cs_Office was a regulary played map.
At the beginning of the first round all players spawned. Except ONE who got chosen to take control of a prop.
Places of the map with the least harmful props or smaller enclosed rooms, were bigger more dangerous props with more crushing force couldn’t get in were an ideal hiding place.
The humans could spread out, or stay in groups for aslong as they could.

The humans task was to stay alive for as long as possible, while trying to hide from props controlled by other players.
If a human died, he joined the props side and got to take controll over a prop himself.

The props task was to kill the humans with raw physics damage only. They could change wich prop to control at any time.
They had to build up momentum and sometimes jump to get rid of that little extra ground friction to gain even more speed.
It was all made by the Havok physics engine. Not the fake way by just making the player swith playermodel into as an example, a barrel.

I am unsure of how the scores were managed. If there were any.
Humans probably won by staying alive before the clock ran our of time. Might have to be a good amount of minutes.
Props won by killing all hiding humans. Not sure if it kept track of each kill by player props.

Thoughts on this?

I always liked playing prop hunt but last time I did I had a lot of fun.

I can’t seem to find a single server.

You’ll definitely not find one with the older gamemode. Someone here know who made it?
Or does anyone who read here even remember what version of the gamemode I’m talking about?

It was called “Props vs. Humans” and the old thread is here:

I made a remake of this mob, based on TF2. The players can’t choose the models. It randomly gives them one from the map. I already finished the gamemode, i was planning releasing it :slight_smile:

I wish I had a better understanding of Lua. But someone should definitely remake this.

Well, that’s a remake of the OLD gamemode I’m talking about. It’s close, but the older gmod9 version did not have silly super easy ways of killing the humans by exploding and such.
IMO the gamemode was far better off when humans had their special gmod tools disabled, and props had to knock 'em in the head real hard.

Oh. Is it meant to be played on TF2 maps with TF2 playermodels? =)

And wouldn’t randomly selecting a prop risk someone having to control something outside the map borders, or something behind a glass window?

Css, TF2 , hl2. Any map! You can also blacklist a prop so the gamemode wont turn people into that prop. Its also fretta.
Based on this Video :