Prop hunt voice chat

Hey guys, recently I have started up a server and I have recently noticed that hunters and props cant directly talk to each other. I have searched arround the gamemode settings and fretta and havnt found the setting to change it. If I could get some help, it would be great!

I have found this setting before but I havnt been able to find it again.

Also where can I find where to put this, like somewhere in the prop_hunt lua or somewhere?

doesn’t sv_alltalk work?

Run it serverside after teams are initialised.

Here’s the code from base player.lua
local sv_alltalk = GetConVar( “sv_alltalk” )

Name: gamemode:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice()
Can this player see the other player’s voice?
Returns 2 bools.
1. Can the player hear the other player
2. Can they hear them spacially
function GM:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice( pListener, pTalker )

local alltalk = sv_alltalk:GetInt()
if ( alltalk >= 1 ) then return true, alltalk == 2 end

return pListener:Team() == pTalker:Team(), false


It’s already there and it’s used by fretta, so why the dumb boxes?
Can you explain why it won’t work?

function GM:PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice( pListener, pTalker )

return true


One Big Voicechat orgy.

I really cant find any code that is like those above… could I get an exact location garrysmod/gamemodes/prop_hunt <-- like that or something?

put sv_alltalk 1 in your server.cfg and check if that works

Ok works… Thanks!