Prop Hunt

Much like Hide and Seek on Counter-Strike: Source, Prop Hunt is a game of stealth and cunning. As a prop, you must replicate another prop on the map and hide before the Hunters come after you. As a hunter you must search for out of place props and kill them before the time runs out. Be careful though, damaging props that aren’t controlled by a player causes you to lose health!

[ul][li]Automatic team balancing system.
[/li][li]Clean and logical HUD.
[/li][li]Easy configuration for both dedicated and listen servers.
[/li][li]Easy method for selecting what prop you want to be.
[/li][li]Map reset system that cleans up the map after each round.
[/li][li]Scoreboard reflecting the layout and design of the Team Fortress 2 scoreboard.
[/li][li]Third person view for props.[/ul][/li]

Two Props running from the Hunters

Prop Hunt is now shipped with Garry’s Mod.

News and Updates

This was real fun on your server :slight_smile:

I hate how people try to get all legal with their releases. :frowning:

Welcome to the internet :confused:

I hate how people try to steal all the good releases.

They don’t.


Excluding a few LuaFruits though

Also, cool, it’s out :smiley:

That’s a nice addon :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude I want to play, but there are no servers for this mod…

Could be pretty awesome. My bet is that it really needs custom maps though.

I did like the Hide and Seek in CSS. You have to run around the whole map trying to find places were there are props who sould not be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, it is necessary. I ran into way to many problems with the release of HL2 Campaign where users would copy my work and re-release it under a different name.

There might be an official server coming soon. I’ll keep you posted!

It does, but in the next release I’ll be adding support for DoD:S and HL2: DM maps, so I’m sure there will be plenty that can be used.

Me too, but I always thought it was too much of a hack job on CS:S. So I created this.

I’m going to steal this and re-release it myself just because you decided to get some legal bullshit thing. :rolleye:

Honestly, if people steal your work, then tell a moderator. This Creative Commons stuff is just pretentious and useless.


[lua]elseif == 2 and pl.was_alive == 0 then[/lua]

You know there’s ply:Alive() right?

I love the rush of being a prop and excitedly watching as the seekers walk by only feet away. :excited:

Good job! Expect this on my server!


Um, when I start out as a prop I just spawn as a T-Posed Kleiner. How are you supposed to become a prop?

I do ask moderator(s), but these forums and aren’t the center of the internet (contrary to popular belief). The only reason I use Creative Commons instead of writing my own copyright is because CC has already written all the legal shit out.

Anyways, ply:Alive() is useless because they are not dead when spectating.

Press USE (default <E>) on an existing prop on the map. Won’t work for all props though (yet).

You spawn as Kleiner?

I think you could have easily changed that… I did it in Phyght.

And what does these forums being the center of the internet have to do with needing a Creative Commons License? :downs:

Before spouting a license, better to check with Garry and Valve while you’re at it. Such licensing might conflict with the mod, on the platform your work runs on…

In general, the community looks to have a low tolerance for repackaged hashes of good works, and such folks tend to get clowned for it.

Thanks for inviting the drama, though! :wink:

What’s the console command to make this the default gamemode so it doesn’t go to sandbox durring map change.

It’s like sv_defaultgamemode or something like that.

sv_gamemode blah
sv_defaultgamemode blah

Yeah, but when I do sv_defaultgamemode prop hunt it doesn’t work.

I really wish this gamemode was hosted I really would like to play it because it sounds awesome!