Prop is purple/black

So i ported a mod from a old racing game and i ported one of the cars as well as the textures. The model format from that game was .pkg but i converted to .obj with a program. The texture files were .tga so it wasnt necessary to convert it. I made the model and that other kind of stuff, made the qc and i compiled it. Puted the textures in material/models/ford in .vmt and .vtf formats. Got the folders in place and started the game. When i spawned the prop it was purple/black, when i before configured the .vmt files to find the models in model/ford_mustang_gt.mdl. And somehow it didn’t work.

Here is the link to my project:

And this is the screenshot:

Any help?

The name of the vmt must match the name of the materials. If the material name is white in Blender (or any modelling program), then the vmt name must be white.vmt

Inside the vmt, you must provide the path & name of the texture files (vtf)

Btw, I think the UV are screwed on your model

So is there anyway that you can fix the UV?

Unfortunately idk how to fix that

Oh ok, but is there a program that you import the model and you can paint it, then in the end make a texture for it?

Yeah you can do it with Blender

When i try to bake the texture there comes an error and says ‘‘Cricular reference in texture stack’’[/t]

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Nevermind i fixed that :D. I have a problem once again, when i try to paint the prop with green colour it dosent seem to be coloured… and no its not pink