Prop issue, working in CS:S but doesn't work in Gmod

Hello people, I got a little issue, my props lighting up then i put the map into gmod.
Does anyone know what i can do to fix it?

  • The water does something wird… then looking from diffirent angels

Heres some images.

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Nevermind about the water, I guess it’s because I used a fallback Material… How dumb

Are they prop_statics?

Also make sure you are using this technique to make your lights:

It will make everyone appreciate your lighting 10 times more if you do. And don’t ever use pure white lights, tint them with a hint of blue.

It’s prop_drymatic, and thank for the tip :smiley:

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Just found a new problem… Damn.

Here it is:

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It’s will come up on youtube in about 5 min

Did you place the appropriate cubemaps and check in mat_specular is set to 1?

Doesn’t matter now. I’ve fixed it.