Prop Killing notifier

Hey Guys I am coding a Prop Killing Notifier where it sends a Dark RP Notification to a admin that a player has prop killed. The Problem is I can not seem to getting it to work this is my first time really trying to make something up on the spot and I need a bit of help on what to use. Here is my code.


local function PlayerPickupObject( ply, obj, victim, attacker ) 
   if( obj:IsPlayerHolding() == victim:IsPlayer 
	for k, v in pairs player.GetAll()
v:DarkRPnotify( ply, 1, 4, "Player"..attacker:Nick.."has Prop Killed their ID is:"..attacker:SteamID) 

Thanks for the help!

You didn’t hook it to anything.

There is one problem, this code automatically assumes someone is propkilled by a propkiller, not a accident, plus it can be abused. As seen here:

It does not ban or kick the player it just notifys.

but you do have a point…