'Prop Limit Reached' Spam

So I recently joined a server… “Facepunch.com’s” Server that is… Kicked and Banned.
I joined a DarkRP server… Kicked and banned.

So I joined a Stranded Server, and I realised the problem; “My game’s fucked up.”

Problem: When I was playing on the Stranded Server, on the screen was spammed ‘Prop Limit Reached’ and I must have seen it 200+ times. I’ve re-instaleld the game and am about to test it, but I’d like to know;



got it…

In the chat bar it said


Then some YouTube Link... Gotta delete all my files, but before I do, can someone tell me how I would get rid of that? Maybe it's in my cfg folder.


Weird... It's not a problem on Single Player...

That would be some faggot of a LUA virus you dl’ed. Most likely. I haven’t ever had a detrimental LUA file, but I imagine that’s what it would be like.

Be careful what you download.