Prop Limit Script Via Rank

Can someone make me a script that allows custom ulx usergroups to have higher prop limit. Lets say proplimit is 50 and donators would get +50 more props. Thanks

I’m 90% sure that this already exists i would suggest checking here.

Coded by RetTurtl3
If you want to add another UserGroup do the following
Under the donator Group After Return false

elseif ply:GetCount( “props” ) >= 100 and ply:IsUserGroup(“custom”) then
ply:ChatPrint(“You’ve hit the Prop Limit”)
return false

Before elseif ply:GetCount( “props” ) >= 50 and !ply:IsUserGroup(“admin”) then
if GetConVarNumber(“sbox_maxprops”) <= 140 then

hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “PropLimit”, function(ply)

if ply:GetCount( "props" ) &gt;= GetConVarNumber("sbox_maxprops") and ply:IsUserGroup("superadmin") then
	RunConsoleCommand("sbox_maxprops", GetConVarNumber("sbox_maxprops") + 20) 
	ply:ChatPrint("You've hit the Prop Limit, But we can add more props!")
	return false
elseif ply:GetCount( "props" ) &gt;= 120 and ply:IsUserGroup("admin") then
	ply:ChatPrint("You've hit the Prop Limit")
	return false
elseif ply:GetCount( "props" ) &gt;= 100 and ply:IsUserGroup("donator") then
	ply:ChatPrint("You've hit the Prop Limit")
	return false
elseif ply:GetCount( "props" ) &gt;= 50 and !ply:IsUserGroup("admin") then
	ply:ChatPrint("You've hit the Prop Limit")
	return false


Where would i add this thanks.

Your server files, Not Client most people make this mistake.

Make a file called


Such a disgusting way of doing it.

Keep in mind I use teams when using this, so some modification may be required.

local Amnts = {}
Amnts[1] = {Props=0,Sents=0,RD=0,NPC=0,V=0} // Just in case…
Amnts[2] = {Props=30,Sents=1,RD=2,NPC=0,V=1}
Amnts[3] = {Props=45,Sents=3,RD=5,NPC=0,V=3}
Amnts[4] = {Props=80,Sents=5,RD=10,NPC=5,V=5}
Amnts[5] = {Props=150,Sents=10,RD=25,NPC=10,V=10}
Amnts[6] = {Props=200,Sents=20,RD=25,NPC=10,V=10}

local function PropGroups( ply, mdl )
return ply:GetCount(“props”) < Amnts[ply:Team()].Props
hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “UserGroupPropLimits”, PropGroups )


will this work for evolvemod? if not can you make a one for evolvemod please :slight_smile:

Thanks This Will Come In Handy On My Server

Where to put jobs? Amnts[TEAM_PEASANT] like this?

Can you go learn how to program? This forum is “Come here for help” not “Give me this script peasants, you work for me”

Yes that’s what you would use.