Prop limits

How would i change a prop limit for groups?

for example:
•the group users has a prop limit of 200.
•the group moderator has a prop limit of 300.

I know on a server, they have that vip has a a bigger prop limit then the regular user. So i was just wondering how did they write the code, and in what lua file did they put it in?


they edit it ingame >…> well atleast thats how the admin in my server does it

hmm do you know what command he uses?

Please don’t post any useless information like that. Your admin uses an admin mod that lets him do that, this is the lua section. I think the OP is looking for lua information on it.

But if you just want a nice administration mod, try evolve.

Well I think the OP already has a mod to do it, but they are wondering how to change the limits for individual groups, so there isnt much use anyone can do without knowing which mod it is.

Im sorry guys, I use Ulx mod.

Edit Bletotum thanks for the heads up on evolve. It looks nice from what i see.


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really… just do rcon sbox_maxprops “#”
all your problems are solved… but for the each group… no idea

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Get UNoLimitted. Its a mod for ulx that allows you to set max props for certain groups.

idk il ask him

The sbox_maxprops has to be set higher to what you have it for this to work i think.
function adminmaxprops(ply,mdl)
if ply:IsAdmin() and #mdl >= 250 then
PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, “You have hit the 250 limit”)
return false
hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “adminmaxprops”, adminmaxprops )

**[Player.GetCount](** + **[Gamemode.PlayerSpawnProp](**

Equals something like this -

local function propGroups( ply, mdl )

if ply:Team() == Users then
    return ply:GetCount("props") < 200
elseif ply:Team() == Moderators then
    return ply:GetCount("props") < 300

    else return false


hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “propgrewps”,propGroups )
(Note the above is only PoC, it won’t work without filling in the missing pieces)

This ignores the sbox limit and pretty much gives you what you ask for.

Thanks for the help guys. just wondering would you need to make a new .lua or do you just put the info in one thats already there? and if so which one?

Never mind a friend helped me with that one. But thank you for your help :smiley: