Prop Pack not installing correctly...

I wanted to install the SBEP (Spacebuild Enhancement Project) to my server. It is a prop pack, and when I install it and go to the server. I try to spawn a prop and every single prop that was in the pack spawned as an Effect. I dont know why I installed it correctly. Does anyone know how to fix it.

Have you tried to spawn all the props? Some of them are entities and effects.

Sounds like the case sensitivity problem on Linux based servers.

Ya ALL the props are effects because I went to another spacebuild server and the props there were effects on my server. Technically ALL the props in the pack are effects.

@whosdr - no im not using linux. Im using windows 7

On the server?

Oh on the server idk if it is linux based. I’ll have to see. Is there a way to fix the props though I really want them to work right.