Prop Pack

ok i think it would be cool if someone made a big prop back that had home items in it you no dvd players chairs tvs fridge beds cups lamps tables etc

things you see in your home

just saying it would be cool


yeah guys this wood be cool you shud make it cuz i cant

ps i no there some thing out there but i mean like 100+ props that you see in your home and others i just think it might be cool project to do

yauh this wood be cool guyz make it do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I think I might be able to make something :v: I don’t know whether it will be 100+ props though!

Someone should make a PEAR

Left 4 Dead has props, nearly everything you’ve asked.

Left 4 Dead is also a video game, that you have to spend money on.

left 4 dead props have blood and stuff all over them now if your bed has blood allover it that ok put i ask for props that you see every day in your home

Umm, no they don’t. At least not the beds and other props I’ve seen.

ok 3 thing that Left 4 dead is not suitable for this request
1 if is a game that you need to pay money for it
2 it is about 5GB of space so that is a lot just for model’s
3 not everyone will have it so they can have the model’s
so that is why someone should make a pack

Left 4 Dead props are great, and nobody is going to remake them if they’re already made. Not a lot of people would want to.

Here. It should have everything you need. No L4D required.