This is a SEnt where you spawn it, go up to it, press e on it, hold SPACE to fly and use the mouse to choose direction and LEFT CLICK on both prop planes to shoot bullets. Then the striderbuster one you do all that but right click to drop strider busters :smiley:

Will make a video soon…


Nice. Could use a different model though.

Kinda reminds me of shuttle. But different…

Its almost exactly like shuttle.

If your talking about the shuttle by MegaJohnny then yes, he let me use it thats why.

So, you took the shuttle code and changed the model to an even MORE mediocre one?


=/ That’s why most of the things I make aren’t released.

You’re welcome :biggrin:

But instead of raging, you could explain how your code differs from his, and tell us about the upgrades you’ve made to it.

Change log:
-Changed trail colour
-Changed model
-Changed Speed
-Made it able to shoot bullets and drop strider busters

Not much, I use this when I’m bored. Doesn’t mean you guy’s have to.