Prop Processor

Hey guys!
I guess you all remember Falco’s sweet player processor. You know, a swep which can be used to fully control other players. The satisfaction of creating confusion and anger among the non-admins is totally awesome.

Well, my idea and request is to creat a prop processor swep, which should be used to get full control over props (your own props and others). Imagine to be able to unfreeze a prop, freeze it, move it as in the great gamemode “prophunt”, propkill people (also as in prophunt).

Imagine a situation where a player who you think is a bit of a bitch is building a huge fort. You click on the prop processor swep and in a some way chose the prop you want to control in the players fort. Suddenly the prop is unfrozen. The player gets confused (WTF? Didn’t I freeze that prop). The players turns around and before he knows it he gets propkilled.

It would also be cool with an option to control whole contraptions. Like if someone is in a fort/house, you can take control over the whole house and unfreeze it over the player. :mmmhmm:

Well, who ever likes my idea is welcome to use it. :smile:

i imagine this would be useful or what you’re looking for

Wont unfreeze props, AFAIK.