Prop pushing through walls

As many of you are aware, one can manipulate a prop with the phys gun in a way that it will push them through a wall.

When making a map, is there any way of making sure that a segment of the wall will not be penetrable via such means?

Make a brush to remove the entity in the wall?

A prop can’t go through BSP can it? or are you talking about brush entities?

Trigger_hurt should do the trick

Or trigger_remove. I think that’s what it’s called.

To make that you would have to ask Garry to do some changes to the phys gun, or make Valve improve their physics.
In other words a map cannot make sure it won’t happen.

There are lots of textures that can block physics from going through.

Not on maps you create, you can do w/e you want then.

For current maps ghosting props you physgun is your best bet.

Walls block physics as well but that obviously doesn’t stop the problem from happening. You can teleport past a clip just as you can a wall.

I’m not quite sure what you mean about this, but when it’s an engine/physics error you can’t fix it in a map.

The only thing I could think of is make the wall sufficiently thick enough. You can experiment to find the right thickness.

I doubt a trigger of any kind inside the wall will help you because the player teleports through the wall not into the wall (and if they do land inside it they have to kill themselves anyway).

This issue is an engine problem. Using the physcannon in hl2 it’s possible to fire ragdolls through the floor. Nothing we can do unfortunately.

The only sort of “fix” would be to increase the physics stepping, which will produce more accurate physics but will also be slower to process.

Or for valve to use a version of havoc that is much more forgiving. If you look at red faction: Armageddon. Uses havoc, yet doesn’t have the same issues.

You could just shove a trigger_hurt inside the walls, so it’s still possible to go through, you just die

Well the destruction still melts through the ground on Armageddon, even on the PC version which I found rather annoying.

I guess i didn’t notice it so much because of the nature of the game. I know physX is much better on that front, but i doubt valve would make such a massive change in a game that doesn’t need such an advanced physics engine.