Prop request

I would like to see this turned into like a movie poster please, I’m making a movie.

No offence but that’s a pretty bad movie poster.

None taken, any suggestion then? I look for all view points and such, but Constructive criticism would be better then downright Criticism.

The main part of the idea is it’s an event really, but I decided to turn it into a movie.

By event, I mean, I really liked the MW2 America vs Russia levels, so I decided to have that go onto Gmod, but please, if you have to post, put up suggestions in the future, thanks.

Also, what makes it bad? care to be specific?

The text, how he’s holding the gun, the quality of the fire, his foot clipping into the ground, and the quality of the textures

What could I do to improve it?

Use a different font, change how he’s holding onto the weapon, raise all your settings to max, get his foot out of the ground and angle it so it looks somewhat realistic

1: all of settings are on max, must be map
2: how else to hold weapon? like in a “relaxed” posture?
3: different size? ok, working on that, what size would you recommend?
4: Foot out of ground is possible.

Anything else?

you must be used to 2GB video Card memory or something, I have 2.1 Processor, 512mb video card and 3GB of RAM.

Well brighten it up a bit…and maybe edit it in gimp or something to make it look better, or if you know someone with picture editing skills ask them to help you.

See if you can do anything about the fire then, The font is what bugs me really the size is fine, it’s not how he’s holding it that annoys me it’s how his hand is clipping through it that’s annoying me, Then get his foot out of the ground. My laptop is shit so no since I think it’s 512mb as well

Ok, and the only thing I see clipping really is the foot, I looked close, I only see his foot clipping through the debris, also, do you have a HR Fire mod? because that’s as good as fire gets in Gmod unless you have a high processor and ram and video card, I always try to keep my setting on max, which with gmod it’s possible, I just can’t go nuking everything I see.

I think I improved it a lil’ bit…The lightning and fire and text

That looks nice, if you don’t mind I’ll use this and credit you for poster? though the main problem is still the clipping (my fault for that) and if it got made into a prop, no one would really notice unless they looked up the pic here, or they looked REALLY close, as the poster would be quite small(as small as other posters you see on Gmod).