Prop restriction areas?

Can anyone tell me how I can have a zone in my map in which props cannot be spawned?

make it a water displacement?

What? Water first off can’t be displacements, and second off you can spawn props in water.

all i can think of is a trigger_remove and set it to only remove props, no idea if that will work though.

I really would like to know that to prevent minges spawning huge props on the spawnpoint area.

Try the trigger_remove method. Or something with lua should work too.

if you make a water mass, then make it into a displacement, it blocks props from going in the spawn. but not players. combine that with the trigger remove, and your in business.

That makes no sense to me.

i dont know how simple i can put this…

The fuck are you talking about?

If it wouldn’t be too much to ask could you show me a prefab of it?

sure. leme launch hammer.


ill upload the VMF and the BSP so you can see.

Are you dumb?:derp: Lord ned has said, and it is a known fact, that water cannot be a displacement.
Also, who would want to have a spawn room stuck in water?
the trigger remove is the best option.
Check props

ffs, it works. when you make a water a displacement, it becomes invisible. players and npcs can walk through it, by props cant go through it. here is a BSP, try it your self.


i also put a trigger_remove inside it.

That would most certainly piss people off. Someone driving/flying around in their contraption they spent xyz hours working on suddenly vanishes because it accidentally crashed into spawn. It would also likely do what happens in rp_oviscity (the remover trashcans) and remove players from the server when the chair was deleted.

It’s BSP not BSB.

Excuse me but… What’s a BSB? Is it a Binary Space Bitch or is there new terminology like displacement-water that I’m uneducated in?

whatever quirk, just ignore alt

BSP, simple spelling error. my method works. did you even try it?


spelling error… i ment BSP


i highly doubt anyone actually played that map…


if you make a volume of water into a displacement, it makes an invisible barrier ONLY to props.

We have a few key words here
VOLUME of water.
That means that water has space into the third dimension
as non-new mappers know, a displacement has no volume
It is a collection of faces making something that is smoother than you can get with regular brushes.
Each individual face takes up no space in the third dimension.
only the first and second

And anyways
if this did work, it would not prevent people from spawning props INSIDE of the “volume”
but only keeping them from taking them IN

It looks like this “works”
It prevents props from entering a certain area
it is not a water volume
I would go with a trigger_remove set to only remove props
Then make the only exit a teleporter.
Its done

or you can make a door set to not move, but then check “not solid to player”
and add a trigger_remove slightly inset from that

your hope less, i put a trigger_remove inside it, so props on the outside wont get deleted by acident and you cant spawn props on the inside. ffs.