Prop. rotation key (E-Key) reset?

Well, all of the sudden while I was playing on a darkrpwars server, my E key, the key you use to rotate props when you have them picked up with the plasma gun, stopped working. I tryed restarting Gmod, and Steam, and changing the controls to default through options, and no luck, it will not rotate props anymore.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

You downloaded a Lua file that is stopping you from using your physgun correctly.

If you actually want to RP, don’t play DarkRP. Nobody RPs there, everyone thinks it’s DarkDM.

But if you want to play Dark??[1], just never join that server again, and delete:

  • cache
  • lua

from your garrysmod\garrysmod directory. It will rebuild.

[1] ? is a wildcard character meaning “Any One Character”.

Well, this isn’t darkrp, its darkrpwars, and its not a minge bag server at all. The admins and the vetern players keep the server very well put together.

I’ll try those to things, but it only started happening after about a week i’ve been playign on the server, and I didn’t see any new files from the server the day it stopped working.

Wild card character?

a wild card just means it can be any character (letter, number, etc.)