Prop Search

Okay so I’m not sure if this would be lua or otherwise but requests seemed like a fitting place to put this.

I was watching X-play’s presentation of the new ds game scibblenaughts, and I though “wow that would be awesome for Gmod!”

As we all know the gmod Q menu has become extremely complex and difficult to navigate without a LOT of practice. Even I, who has been in the Gmod loop since Gmod 7, still have trouble finding what I want in the menu.

Hopefully that will change. Rather than a word triggered spawn like scribblenaughts, however, a search function will be added to the menu. Props, and possibly even tools will have a list of associated keywords. When a user types something in the search, it will present the items that have those keywords in their list. Very similar to the filter function, but different in that you won’t have to know the actual model name, just what you’re looking for. Simple indexing, really.

Now of course it will take some work to build all of the keywords, so my idea is this: someone will create keywords for all of the vanilla content and the most commonly found mod content. Of course I am completely willing to do this if someone else can build the actual scripts to make it work.

But after that content, what do we do? Well, you add a shell command in the menu for any user to add their own keywords to a menu item simply by right clicking it and typing them in. Also, if it is wideley supported, anyone who makes a custom tool or model would be kind if they would build a small list of keywords for their own content.

I appreciate everyone who reads this and especially those who take it seriously. I know that the Gmod community has the skill to make this happen. Cheers! :smiley:

So pretty much searching by tags instead of a model search? Although I can see the purpose for this ( I think it’d be extremely useful ), isn’t this what spawn menus are for?

Besides, I would absolutely hate to go through and tag all the default models - there’s a lot of them :(.

It’s a good idea, though.

Like I said, users would be able to add their own tags to a model. That way if they have an item that takes them forever to find, once they find it they simply right click > set keyword > type in their own custom keywords.

It wouldn’t replace the spawn menu however, it would be integrated into it. Basically it would work the same way as a filter but with keywords (or as you said, tags) rather than the model name itself. Anyone who wanted to do it the old fashioned way would obviously have that option. I don’t want to remove any functionality, just add to it.