Prop Skin Alteration

This isn’t about how we can change a skin on a prop with a simple value, instead this is about how I could possibly make a prop ‘Flicker’ or change it’s skin back and forth according to a timer or logic_timer. Is there a way to do this through prop_dynamic, prop_static, or any other means to make something such as a light bulb prop change it’s skin back and forth according to a timer?


Possibly found a solution

Use the “skin” input on a prop_dynamic. Already have a system to toggle the light?

The prop_dynamic inputs only have a basic skin value setting and an animate input which is of no use. I’ve tried playing around with a logic_timer and I only seem to get the skin to stay at 0 all of the time when the skin for being on is 1.

The skin input accepts an integer parameter.

Have the logic_timer OnTimer call PickRandom or PickRandomShuffle on a logic_case. The logic_case should have two cases: one to each enable and disable the light. Both outputs should also call the Skin input with the corresponding skin index as the parameter override.

Got it to work, thanks.