Prop sliding door

Aargh… i get so annyoed, i’ve been looking everywhere on how to do this.
I have a prop door wich i want to work as a sliding door. How do i do this?

I tried making a func_tanktrain and set the prop parent to the func_tanktrain but that didn’t work :frowning: <-- i went full retard

Why would you parent it to a tracktrain?

Make a brush, cover it with a nodraw texture, and make that a func_door. Then parent your model to that.

facepalm Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Also, turn off collisions on the prop_door, as the nodraw serves as a hitbox for it. (Not really very needed, but it slightly reduces the lag, as the engine doesn’t have to compute the unneeded collisions for the door.)

Dave how are you going to mark him as dumb when you couldn’t even figure out how to make a prop into a sliding door.

How was my comment dumb? The model is parented to a func_door brush, and since it covers the entire model (unless you’re using some special door model), there’s no way the player could collide with the door model itself.

With disabling it’s collisions, you now have a touchable func_door and a non-solid model.