Prop snapping?

So i currently own and code a Garry’s mod stranded server. In case you’ve never heard of it heres a workshop link.

In this gamemode you try to survive stranded, this means you need to mine for ores, chop down trees, forage for food, drink water and sleep to survive.
To spawn props in this gamemode you need resources such as copper, iron, wood etc, once you’ve gathered those resources and created your metal prop you can use your physics gun or a tool gun to build stuff (You must have enough levels to craft a tool gun before use) So what i wanted to know if it’s possible to 1. When you have created this prop it fades and nocollides 2. Once it’s made you can snap it to another prop or in place by pressing the use key. If this is possible then ill be willing to pay to create this script once i have enough money.

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums or not specific enough.