Prop spawning glitch

Well my brother and I were building on gm_mobix and after a few hours ingame we couldn’t spawn anything.

The limit was set to 99999 and I know we didn’t spawn that manythings. Plus, when we press Q and click on an icon of a prop, it still makes the noise and the click, but it doesn’t spawn anytihng.

We arn’t running any modes like rp or gamemodes, nor do we have anything to effect the gameplay besides some models.


Any errors in the console?



sv_maxprecachedmodels 768

You can set it to anything up to 1023 (any higher and you will crash the game due to the Model Precache running out of space, 1024 is the max)

I thought it was 2047.

It was 1024 last time I checked, but that was several months ago. If Garry’s bumped up the table capacity that’s wonderful news.

we only spawned about 100 props in total.

A DarkRP server I play on, has this bug all the time. It’s a gmod related problem, as they say, and garry needs to fix it

A while ago (months) I read a post of someone’s game crashing when they spawned ~2000 props.