Prop Unfreeze Entity

I was wondering if there’s a any entity out there that’s similar to Nuke entities.

Basically; spawn an entity, click it to arm it, shoot it (or otherwise) to detonate it. And it causes nearby props to unfreeze/unconstraint. But with a fairly low blast radius, and not the devastating effect that the Nuke has. Hehe.

Well you can unfreeze props like this:

// Ent is the entity you wan't to unfreeze from, set it earlier or change it to your ent var.
for k,v in pairs( ents.FindInSphere( Ent:GetPos(), 500 ) do -- 500 is range
     local phys = v:GetPhysicsObject()
     if ValidEntity(phys) then phys:EnableMotion(true) end -- you could also remove all welds ect...