Prop Vaporizer Field/Beam!

I wanted to know if this might be too hard or not:

An energy field or beam that when a prop (or person) touched it, it would vaporize. Don’t say madjawa’s laser stool, because that DOESN’T vaporize props.

Preferrably I’d like a field of customizable size, (beam is fine though) so I can make my assembly line with a disposal for bad parts.

(Or if I just feel like dumping watermelons in and seeing them get vaporized, hehe…)

You could just do it with a map?

I don’t think you understand:

I asked for a field or a beam entity/tool, not a map. With maps, you are limited to building to where it is placed. With a mod like this, you could have multiple ones for things such as traps, disposals and even for cosmetic reasons. You can’t move a built in vaporizer.

You know laser stool 2.0 does what you want right?

Does it now? Last I recall, it merely pushed them with a settable force.


Yeah, it only pushes props with an on/off feature. I want it to dissolve anything I put in it’s path, with a settable range if it’s a beam. Size if it’s a field.