Im trying to spawn a normal combine ball with a command that stays alive forever, how can I do this?

The code below spawns a very tiny combine ball that wont move until I physgun it. :confused:

concommand.Add( "ballz", function( ply, cmd, args )

local ball = ents.Create( "prop_combine_ball" )
if ( !IsValid( ball ) ) then return end
ball:SetModel( "models/effects/combineball.mdl" )
ball:SetPos( player.GetByID(1):GetPos() )

end )

local hBallGen = ents.Create("point_combine_ball_launcher")
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("ballcount", "10")  
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("ballrespawntime", "-1")  
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("maxspeed", "1000")
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("minspeed", "1000")
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("angles", tostring(whatever angle you want))
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("launchconenoise", "5")
hBallGen:SetKeyValue("spawnflags", "2")
hBallGen:Fire( "launchBall", "", 0 )

Here’s an example. The way to achieve a long lifetime for it is to increase its “maxballbounces” attribute. I’m not sure if there’s a limit to that parameter, but 99999 bounces would take a pretty long time to occur. This Combine Ball is the exact type that’s fired from the AR2.

Also don’t forget to remove that entity after you’re done.