prop_door_rotating lighting inconsistency

Any idea what causes this?

Both lights are the same values and equidistant to both doors.

Potential fixes would be appreciated.


I thought those were only for static props? If not, I don’t see a keyvalue on them to specify a name of an info_lighting entity

You’re right, how about a prop_dynamic in a func_door_rotating?

I don’t follow.

Parent a prop_dynamic to a func_door_rotating and set the dyn. lighting origin to the info_lighting.

you can always try adding in the property yourself. I had a problem with skybox fog not having a max density option, so I copied the property manually(with smart edit off, of course) from an env_fog_controller, Set the option in the sky_camera entity, and it worked.

That’d remove the doorknobs, I think.

I’ll give it a crack.

e: No go, same bug.

It’s true that the info_lighting entity is only intended for static props, as the entity gets removed when the map is compiled. For dynamic props, you should use info_target (actually, any entity that doesn’t get removed on compile should work). Like GaleTheHusky suggested, it should work when you manually add the key lightingorigin to your prop_door_rotating entities.

I’ll give that a shot, thanks.

Ultra late edit: This method does work.