Prop_door_rotating - UP?

How can I get my prop_door_rotating entity brush to rotate upward?

Think of like a hatch on the ground, that opens up on it’s hinges.

I have a box top I want to open but stay on hinges, how can I do this with a prop_door_rotating?

rotate the prop_door_rotating so it opens upward?


Just rotating it in hammer isn’t going to make it move in that direction ;\

I am pretty sure, that there is a little orb that shows what point it’s going to be rotated on. Just drag it to the top and center of the door, and I think that should do it.

Might make the door a prop_dynamic and parent it to a func_door_rotating, which can rotate on a different axis.

Did that, it rotates on that spot but on the wrong axis.


Makes sense, I’ll try it. But isn’t there a Pitch, Yaw, and Roll control? (Y, Z, X)?

Just experiment some with the flags of the func_door_rotating.

Before I knew how the entity worked, I usually always ended up with a door that either rotated up, or any other fun direction.