Prop_Static and Game_text not visible?

Hello, I am using hammer, and I have a prop_static and a game_text entity, when running my map, they are not visible, any ideas?

Post your compile log and I’m pretty sure the game_text needs to be triggered by IO

I’m sorry, I’ll have to do it tomorrow when I’m on PC, but will do

Check if the VisGroups are ticked. On your right hand side there should be (by default) a panel called “VisGroups”. Go to “Auto” and scroll down till you see “Props”. Generally everything should be ticked when you compile your map to not miss anything.

would need to see the log to know what hammer is trying to do with them

The log can be found here:

I have fixed the snowman not appearing, it must be a prop_physics.

but the text is still not working

some games are not updated to show the game_text.

And if they are, you need to use I/O to Display the message.
And check flag, if you want it for all players or dont check if it’s for only player (the !activator).
So if use a logic_auto to display the message, while the flag is not checked, it wont display anything.