Prop_static Linked to a Breakable Entitiy?

Hey guys, I’ve been making a map for myself and some friends to do some nuke addon tests, and so far it works pretty well. I have two viewing stations and a breakable hut within the nukes blast radius that gets vaporized on detonation. The thing about it is that it has some prop_static fences outside of the house, a combine APC, a prop_thumper and a telephone pole outside of the house. I want these to break when the house breaks, or when the significant force exerts enough force to break them. I’ve been delving into the outputs a little bit, but my knowledge of outputs, inputs and flags is limited. Can someone tell me or show me a link on how to make this work, or if it is even possible? Answers and/or witty comments would be much appreciated.

EDIT:I tried to make the prop_static have names and use the breakable house as a parent, but there is no options for it.

Perhaps you should be using prop_dynamic : )

afaik prop_statics cannot be terminated and cannot move.

Okay I’ll try that, I just started tampering with the APC’s properties and I’ll compile and test it in a few. I hope it works.

Got it to work, thanks.