prop_statics disappearing as I move around the map.

here’s the map in question:[/t]
everything looks fine from here, all the map pieces are loading and generally everything seems to be in order.
but i want to explore the map. let’s go on over to these shops over here and–

well alrighty then.
does anyone know how to fix this? i’ve been told it’s because the origins aren’t visible, but i’d really rather not $autocenter all of these models and have to position them manually (there’s a lot of models) only for the slim chance that the $autocenter fix might not even work. although if there’s some mathematical way i can find out how exactly to move these models around based on the original origin created by the original position attachment, i’d be happy to sit down and do that.

basically, i’m either asking if there’s a workaround, or some way to do the math with the placementOrigin attachment to move these models back into place after applying $autocenter.
(i’m not entirely sure if i should post this in Mapping or Models since it pertains to both.)

I think models are rendered by their bounding box not their origin.

The map might be making too many drawcalls and the engine can’t handle it. What’s console spitting out?

the drawcall error only appears when you attempt to render the whole map (by noclipping outside of the skybox), so i don’t believe that’s the issue. so other than that specific circumstance, the console spits out nothing.

Workaround idea: Change big occluders into illusionaries+clip hulls - that would tell the engine that the model is visible even if the occluder is rendered in front of it. Maybe you could do some material magic to allow for bullet holes on the clip hulls too.