prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod making Jeep sounds

I have a few prisoner_pods in my map, each with the name chair.

I have this in my gamemode:

function GM:InitPostEntity()
for _, ent in pairs(ents.FindByName(‘lou_chair’)) do
ent.HandleAnimation = function(veh, ply)
return ply:SelectWeightedSequence(ACT_GMOD_SIT_ROLLERCOASTER)

But when you get in and out of the chairs, although the animations are correct, the jeep sounds are played. Can anyone explain why? I have also tried ent:SetKeyValue(“vehiclescript”, “scripts/vehicles/prisoner_pod.txt”) with no luck.

ent.HandleAnimation = function(veh, ply)

Could that be the problem?

The animations are fine… And you can have anything in those 2 args as they’re being passed to it.

What about the class of the entity.

Fixed this. Dumbass mapper left the script as jeep_test.txt.