Propaganda Posters/Signs

I’m making a WWII-themed mission, and I need:

  1. Nazi propaganda posters/signs for it.

  2. Stalinist propaganda posters/signs

  3. Allied (perferrably American, British, Australian, and Soviet) propaganda posters/signs

An SS officer NPC that uses the Metrocop NPC as its base NPC. Preferrably a reskinned citizen, made into a Metrocop-based NPC.

Can anyone make this?

I second this.

Here’s some examples:

Here’s this, if you don’t mind them all being the same rank:

Thanks, all I need now are some posters.

I’d don’t want like gigantic-sized posters like they had at Leningrad of Lenin, but that are like the propaganda posters and signs in Germany during WWII.

Link to the poster I was talking about on