Propcore Enable ?

How do i enable propcore on my server i have installed the wire addon but how do i enable the propcore ?

There is this magical thing called google.
“Enable propcore gmod”
First result - wiremod forums.

  • click link -
    “Enabling propcore. The official way of enabling propcore, is in fact, very simple.”
  • a few lines later -
    “wire_expression2_extension_enable propcore”
    “wire_expression2_reload” is down for me and i can’t enter the sire.
where do i paste this:
“wire_expression2_extension_enable propcore”
“wire_expression2_reload” ??

server.cfg or autoexec.cfg

There is a cached version google keeps.

No, they are used through rcon.
^ That is the cache’d version

If you want to enter them every time the server starts, sure.

(note: the reload command is not needed when used in the cfg)

No, through RCON they auto save. (that prop core is enabled) and wire_expression2_reload is only needed once when it is enabled so that the client knows that it’s enabled.
EDIT: unless it has changed since gm12
EDIT2: huh, Looked through the lua… I guess not :

Running commands through RCON is like running commands from the server console.

The reason reload is not required in server.cfg is because that executes before anyone even connects.

If you put those in your server cfg on restart you will get a message saying it is already enabled. It only needs to be ran once.