I know that there is a breakable props tool, but what if I made this AWESOME ship a while back, and I wanted to fight another dude’s awesome ship. My idea is a gamemode called FightWars EX Special Edition. Or… something. IDK if this is lua or not, but this is a request thread. Bsasically, give all default HL2 Props, and all the PHX props, health like on floodmod. Props that are already damagable should stay that way. What this mod does is take the AWESOMNESS of FM and make it available to people who want ALL THE TOOLS! It would be seperate… or function with… GCombat and would let you use hand weapons as well as gcombat weapons. You could simply look at a prop to see it’s health meter. Basically this adds hand weapon damage to GCombat. IDK. I was watching yootoob and I saw some nifty things done with wood, and piratewars and stuff and wanted it with ALL OF GMOD!!!111!!1

I can see so many exploits in this.

There are exploits with floodmod. At least in this it is not limited to water, but can work on land to. Its like GCombat CDS and Floodmod all rolled into one.