Attempting to use a Counter Strike Source Window model. As you can see, it gives me that error.

Found propdata.txt in the Counter Strike Source GCF. Located in cstrike/scripts. I extracted it to my desktop then attempted making a scripts folder in my ep2 directory and stuffing it in there. Didn’t work.

(This level is for orange box engine, Episode 2 btw.) Searched for propdata.txt in the GCF for Episode 2. Found it, extracted it. Found that the propdata.txt in the Counterstrike Source folder is bigger. Any solutions? Can I replace the propdata in the Episode 2 GCF somehow?


you would have to merge the two files and copy over the model files that it’s referencing. Or you could just use a func_breakable_surf with glass/glasswindowbreak070a applied to one side, the rest nodraw.

Well, the Counterstrike props are copied over to my episode 2 materials and models already.

I’ll give merging the propdata.txt files a shot.

EDIT: Well, got my propdata.txt to include that data, but… I don’t know where to put this thing. The directory that is.

just use the func_breakable_glass entity, it looks nicer.


Put the Counterstrike Source propdata.txt in ep2/cfg directory, ep2 directory, and ep2/scripts directory as well.

Who knows which one fixed it, but if anyone runs into this problem, just put them in all of those.


Yes it does I suppose, but I also ran into this problem trying to use the CS_Office radio model. Now I have this fixed so I can use that model too.

Oh man, I’ve been looking for a solution to this for like, forever. Thanks a ton.

Awesome, I’m glad I was able to help you.

Let me know if it works for you eh?

Hey, it worked great. Thanks a bunch! :smiley: