Yes, I know their is already PoKi but this is going to be pretty much a gamemode which has a prop shooter and I added V.I.P to it.
Normaly people will only get the prop shooter, VIP will get Prop Shooter, Gravity gun, Phys Gun for more prop killing power.
I’m going to be adding some shops soon with money (online $$ of course) which will give like 5$ each kill.

You can buy VIP for either 5$ Or 50000$ Shop money.
You can buy money for 1$ each 1,000$.

I’m still working on the gamemode so yeah.

You can test betas of this by sending me a PM and requesting to be a Beta tester.

Any pics or videos?

Right now its in the shitty stage, I have the base of it down. When I start adding the features ill add some.

Read the steam terms of service.

What did i do wrong?

That didn’t stop JetBoom.

This is a thread about people should put money on you?

I think he’s saying like a donation system.

Yes its a donation system for running the server.

What’s wrong with a normal free game? Christ all people try to do these days is make money.

it is free, we just need money to run the servers so we ask for donations.

There really isn’t anything wrong for asking for donations. But if you’re going to give them a status for it, I would suggest not making it like you were selling it. Just reward those who do good deeds.

According to the steam ToS, you may not sell rewards to your players via donations. Yes, people do it, but Valve’s been cracking down on it a little more.

Oh my bad, I’m just collecting money and GIFTING them rewards :3

Nofear is simply getting donations, then he just happens to want to give them something. It has nothing to do with the money :q:

Then 50% of servers should be shut down as they sell rewards.

I have no idea why Valve hasn’t targeted them, but I am aware that they have told some servers to stop offering rewards to donators.

idk alot of servers like perp do it figure nothing will happen.

All servers do it, even sassilization

But this is a serious scam.

And don’t give me the bullshit that you can buy VIP with in-game money.