Propeller Model SVN for GM13

I’ve finished porting the Propeller Model SVN to GM13, for those of you that use it. If you have an existing repo copy, just do a checkout to get the update. For those of you that don’t have it, here’s the repo URL:

There are a lot of bugs with the included tools, so bear with me while I try to get them fixed. I think they all work with just minor GUI bugs, but the piston tool is completely broken.

Also, the legacy addon system doesn’t currently copy the spawn lists over from the addon folder, so you will have to manually copy the spawnlist scripts from “propellersvn\settings\spawnlist” to “garrysmod\settings\spawnlist”. You’ll also have to do this every time you update the repo on your end.


Cylinders, cranks, piston and unfinished crank case:[/thumb]

Legacy models:

Artillery barrel & mount, shell and the boom for an Airco D.H.2:

Propellers, Hubs and Spinners:

Antique fabric wings:

The left and right wings and flaps have three skins (regular wing, RAF logo top, RAF logo bottom.)

how do i get it downloaded

For christ’s sake, GOOGLE BLOODY SVN.
Another newbie who is too lazy to find out how to use svn.

Does this play youtube videos?

Nope, sorry.

But if anyone is proficient in Lua scripting, it’d be much appreciated if you could look at the tool code and figure out why the tools are breaking. I’ve dabbled a bit in the code and can’t figure out why the GUI isn’t working and some other problems.

Update! (instead of making new thread)

All of the tools in this addon should be fixed now.

I’ve also added several gears, including a working planetary gear (the first of its kind in Gmod I think.)

Video of it working:

If people find a use for it and want a slightly less ridiculous gear ratio of 2.66:1, I’ll try and make a smaller version with a 1:1 gear ratio.