Propeller model SVN

What is the Propeller Model Pack:

I started the Propeller Model Pack some time in 2007 out of frustration from the lack of propeller models in Garry’s Mod. It started out as just one two bladed propeller, but has since expanded to encompass propellers, crankshafts, heads and more.
You’ll find a lot of random models that don’t seem to fit with the pack as well, as I also include models I make for personal projects in case anyone else wants to use them.

Download Link (you’ll need a SVN client like TortoiseSVN):

Or my forum if this thread is ever deleted:

Screenshots:[/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]

Useful! Thanks a bunch!

Wow… Thanks a super-uber-ultra-mega-huge-a lot

I saw this on im pretty sure. I will download later

Hey just wondering what the sounds are for? Are they meant to work with the wire sound emittor?

Use the SVN, the one I posted on is way outdated and I don’t plan on updating it anytime soon or possibly ever.

Yeah, they’re for the sound emitter. You have to be creative in how you use them to make it sound right.

Two new engines to replace the old shitty Clerget9c with ~20k polys.

Bentley BR.1 (left, ~5000 poly, 397 lb), Bentley BR.2 (right, ~6600 poly, 493 lb)

Damn Giga, keep up the sheer awesome!

I love the new crankshaft, the 6 cylinder one. Super stable.

Did you intend for the cowls to have a huge hole in the collision mesh, tho? If you try to set them on their side, they sink in about 1/4 of the way before hitting, as if the collision model is a cube or something.

I’m too lazy to make a proper collision model for the cowlings, it would be a nightmare too. Right now it has a box collision model that sticks far out enough for the Bentley BR.1 to be mounted inside of it. You can also build some radial engines and throw them in there if you make them small enough.

I plan on redoing some of the other crankshaft models to balance them out and fix collision model errors also.

I’ll pick this up when I can. I used the old version and loved it.

Whoops, replied to the wrong thread ;x

Anyway, updated the SVN with a few new models and fixed some others.


  • Generic landing gear for vintage planes
  • 4 cylinder head
  • 6 cylinder head
  • 6 cylinder engine base piece


  • replaced the chrome beveled block with 4 cylinder head
  • rebuilt the 4 pin crankshaft to balance it and made a new collision model
  • rebuilt the 6 pin crankshaft to balance it and made a new collision model

I have a few cut-down propellers in the works.

Showing the new 6 cylinder block:


The Svn link doesnt work.

OpenSVN died and I can’t find a suitable host that doesn’t require me to upload a fat 90MB+ ZIP file every time I want to update the model pack.

Until I find a SVN host with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for free, there won’t be a download link, other than the old dump on

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@Topic: It’s look fine. How You built that engine? You must release the tutorial :P. Thye models ar good, very useful for… hmmmm… MingeBag Battles? Prop Spamming? Also, it’s very useful for making flying contraptions. I’m waiting for a entities, like “rotor engine”, “rotor” etc. (like SBEP :P). That will be great.

Snip, outdated information.

Someone has to upload this. I am not just a noob who doesn’t wanna svn it. I CANT svn it. upload. now. or die. I’m not joking.

In short the svn is broken.

It would be nice if you get another svn hoster or just upload the current version to I know it sucks but meh).

Export of latest revision before the SVN imploded (to the best of my knowledge)

Solidfiles because was being painfully slow :saddowns: