Propeller tool

Could someone make a propeller tool so people could make helicopters, and and planes, i mean i hate using hover-balls when making a helecopter because it just doesn’t make it realistic, and I hate using the wheel tool to make a “fake” propeller to make look like a helicopter, and making drawing the hover-balls. please it would be very cool if someone could make a propeller tool.

just use thrusters instead of hoverballs. its harder but once you get the balance its great.

Fin tool. It’s on

There is a propeller stool, but I don’t think that it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

And of course, there’s the other propeller stool that comes with the propeller modelpack.

I always wanted to make one of those V22 Opspreys. I’m on the lookout for STOOLS that would help. :slight_smile:

Get phx and it will appear in your wheel tool.